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Versátile Sofa

Designer:Bruno Debenetti

More than ever, our lives today are subject to change, that was the motivation and the inspiration behind the creation of Versátile, a versatile composable armchair free to adapt to different functions or residential or corporate environments.

The result is a modular armchair with an exclusive design that can, when necessary, be expanded piece by piece to form a living sofa. The appearance floating and mixing materials such as painted steel, material and fabric combine with any environment. The bulky seat makes Versatile a good experience of well-being.

The Versatile is composed of an armchair version with left arm or arm right, with option to accompany the removable top.

The central armchair has no arms and can be repeated side by side to increase the size of the component. It can also be used as an individual armchair or in a combination with two separate seats, composing the environment of living and living room.

Height: 30 1/2"
Width: 37 13/16"
Depth: 33 1/2"
Seat Height: 17 5/16"
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